It’s Halloween

Today, it’s Halloween: Yeah! Halloween is a traditional celebration of the dead. This holiday is famous for the trick-or-treat, Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins, scary haunted attractions, scary stories and, of course, scary movies. I hope you enjoy some of those activities for the last past weeks.

It’s always fun to celebrate holidays because it makes you feel part of something bigger than simply you little day-to-day life. It’s like if for a day everybody is part of common vibe.



Here is some stuff that you should do before the end of the last frightening day.

This is my checklist for the Halloween season. Make sure to do at least three things on this list to enjoy Halloween as I do.

  • Every holiday has a playlist. You might know some of them, but they are nice to listen while cleaning or cooking to feel the Halloween vibe. Music makes you feel happy and good mostly when it’s holiday music. It’s something different then for the rest of the year; well, mostly.

Halloween Playlist (It’s only some of the songs that you can find):

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Halloween – Aqua

This is Halloween – The Nightmare before Christmas

Zombies – The Cranberries

Disturbia – Rihanna

Monster Mash – Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett

Ghost Buster – Ray Parker Jr.

Ghost – The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer

I Put a Spell on You – Nina Simone or Bette Midler (Hocus Pocus)

Teeth – Lady Gaga


  • Telling scary stories, there’s so much of an urban legend it’s easy to find it on the Internet. Also, it’s time to tell your paranormal stories and experience that happen to you. Get a flashlight, close all of the light, light up your face and here we go; the best way to tell scary stories. What you could do is that everybody has to tell at least an urban legend and if wanted more stories of all kinds so you make sure to have a great scary night ahead.
  • Decoration is one of the most important things to really feel the vibe. You can do traditional decoration as carving pumpkins but you can go to Pinterest to find some great idea. It’s time to try new things to scare or creep people, mouhahaha.

Halloween Pinterest RebelleOnMyWay


  • Of course the last, but most important things: watching scary movies or Halloween movies if you don’t like to be scared. You can go on Netflix to see what they suggest you for Halloween. I inspire myself for those suggestions, mostly are on Netflix but not all of them.

Non-scary Halloween movies:

Monster House

Hocus Pocus ( For more about this movie you can check my review )


Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania 2

Harry Potter (All of them, of course)

Jurassic Park (Also all of them)


October Kiss




The Nightmare before Christmas

Red Riding Hood

James and The Giant Peach

Dark Shadows

Scary Movie (All of them)

Season of Witch

Horror movies:


High Tension


Third13en Ghosts

Cry Wolf


House of Wax



Would You Rather

It Follows


The Grudge

The Others

The Invitation

The Awaking

You are Next

Insidious (All of them)

Most Likely to Die

Don’t Hang Up

The Bye Bye Man

I think I could make a list of 100 scary movies, but I’ll stop there. If you need more inspiration here’s a website that can help you.


100 Best Horror Movies Of All Time




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