What’s an IPSY Bag? It’s a beauty box but in a bag. Every month you got a cute little bag full of beauty products. It’s 10$/month and shipping’s free.That’s the deal for US citizen. If you’re from Canada like me, you have to pay the shipping and remembering that it’s US dollars.

I have to admit that I cancelled my membership… but I loved the IPSY Bag. I might subscribe in the futur, but for now I prefer trying new box. It was my very first beauty boxes (in this case bags). I had a subscription for a least 2 years. It was a very pleasant beauty boxes, but I got tired of it and realize that I’ve got a lot of things alike. Maybe it’s because I didn’t stop purchasing my usual products and brands, but still it was too much stuff that I didn’t used.

I discovered a lot of new interesting brand and items. Each month you get something really cool and also a real cutie bag (but I don’t know what to do with them…). But while I wrote this post, I found an interesting way of using these bags. Maybe I’ll try to do it. Never mind, most of the products are really nice to try and useful in every day beauty routine, but not always the king beauty product I would used.

After two years of membership, I think that I got pretty much the most of it. At the end, it was all the same things; beauty product. I have too much of them I didn’t know what to do with it… Also, it wasn’t always what I was looking for in beauty products, what I needed, or even what I would love to try. I’m not a girl that put makeup every day so it was really too much, at least for the price. While I’m from Canada, the price doesn’t include shipping and it’s in US$ dollar. It was way more expensive that what I intend to pay. Sadly, it was to expensive for me. Maybe if I were in US it would have been different.
In the end, it’s a really nice beauty bag, but for a certain among of time because it’s always the same kind of stuff that you get. Unless, you are an every day makeup type of girl and that you like to used different stuff all the time. For sure, if you want to try it, go ahead! You’ll be really happy and excited every month for what you’ll get your bag. I’ll recommend it without a doubt if you live in US country, if you are in Canada you have to used it a lot to be worth it.



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