Well… Long time no see! Sadly, I was pretty busy this last month, so I didn’t have time to write. But I’ll try to wright a little more, I promise. 

You may know about my weight lost… Well, I gained weight instead of loosing it. With summer camp I’m always going out so I’m never home… That means I’m always eating crappy food at restaurant… It’s hard to eat good stuff when you go out and you’re the only one “trying” to eat healthy…  


I have to admit that I gave up those past weeks. Besides, I hurt my ankle for like the fifth time in tree years… That make it a little bit hard to train. Ok, I could eat healthy anyway, but it’s hard for my mind to start without being able to train. I know it’s not a good reason, but for now I’m stuck with this idea… Damn. But I’m ready to make a fresh start. I need it so badly. I wanna feel good inside, I’m trying to accept my self as I am, but I’m not in good shape. How could I accept that. I know that I can do better for myself, for my health, my future…

Whatever I was thinking about how I could lose all that weight with summer camp. I still have four weeks left and than my week off. I’m supposed to camp with one of my friend and she can eat what ever she want without getting any weight. #kindofjealous 

Well, I shouldn’t think about it for now. I know that she will understand anyway, it won’t be a problem. Though it’s stressed me a little bit, not because of her… Mostly because I’m scared that I would just feel like I can anything because I’m in vacation. I have to remember that I can have fun while eating healthy food. I know that we’ve planned on going hiking, it’ll be a good training.

First, while I’m finishing summer camp I shouldn’t think too much about fitness but I should eat well starting now even if it’s hard with all those extra activities. I know it still gonna be hard, I’ll have to stop going out to  restaurant with my friends… But I know I can and it’ll worth it. What I should do is invited friends over or going to eat at home and then going back there. This is an option as it I won’t have to stop socializing. 


Later, I could start again training to help me with my weight lost. Running might be an option while I love it so much. At the same time, I thinking about my ankle, maybe I shouldn’t run again and try something new. Do you have any idea of sport I could try with a weak ankle? Let me know!

Now it’s time for me to get inspired with all those ideas. 


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