Tomato Toast With Tuna Top

The hardest part of losing weight is usually eating healthy food. We’ve been used to eat certain things, and it’s hard to get rid of those habits. But you know, there’s so much way to reinvent our favourite plates. First, you think of what is not healthy on the recipes and pimp it with a healthy alternative.

Here, I was supposed to eat tuna but I didn’t want to eat it with pasta  like I usually do. It’s not crappy food, but when you always eat the same things you get bored and stop making effort to eat well and diversified. Plus, always eating the same things is not good for your body. So I thought of a way of mixing something with tuna. I thought of tomatoes… At first, I was thinking on eating a tomato sandwiches with tuna, but I’ve I eat a lot of tomato sandwiches because it’s so simple to do. I wanted to have at least a little bit of vegetables and proteins to have a healthy and balanced supper. So here’s come the idea of eating tomato as a toast with tuna on top of it.


It was really good!

It’s really simple and fast to do so I love it. It’s a good Sunday night supper when you’re lazy and don’t want to cook. A plus is that you don’t need a lot of cleaning. What I learned is that there’s always a way to eat healthy though with thinking of alternative or adding stuff on a basic recipe.

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